All tips regarding the preparation of a stay in Iceland and general information regarding weather, acommodation and safety.

Catching Northern Lights

When you are going to visit Iceland, you really want to get that northern lights experience. In order to do so, you need to consider some things when planning your trip. Look at the checklist to ensure you will have the best preconditions to see the northern lights. Watching the Aurora borealis - or the northern lights - is an outstanding experience you will

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Refueling at the Gas Station? Get yourself a Credit Card!

Get yourself a Credit Card! I tell you why. Money - Iceland can be very expensive sometimes, thus it is highly recommended to know how to avoid any cost traps. The currency that's used in Iceland is ISK, the Icelandic krona and it's a strong currency. Actually, according to numbeo Iceland is on position three if it comes to the most expensive countries regarding living costs.

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Chasing Hot Pots – Take a Bath under the Sky

Chasing Hot Pots - Take a bath under the sky Hot pots in Iceland - You've probably already heard that there exists the possibility to take a bath in natural hot pots which are heated by geothermal streams. Just think about sitting in a natural hot pot in the middle of outstanding Icelandic landscapes. Amazed? Go one step beyond and imagine this and

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Camping in Iceland? Is it still a Good Idea?

Camping probably is the most appropriate way for a roadtrip in Iceland! Almannaréttur - the right to roam and set up your camp for the night everywhere. Well, at least this is what many people think it is about. But it's way more complicated and there are some specialties you really want to know in order to avoid being fined. 1. Camping in

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Don’t Miss to Bring This to Iceland!

Before thinking about what to pack in your suitcase, I highly recommend you to read this section about the weather in Iceland. Now you know that it can get a bit cold and rainy sometimes. On the other hand, you are going to be outside a lot since Iceland definitely is a destination you want to visit for its landscapes and natural spectacles. Before you

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Important Websites and Tools

Stay informed! It's important to be up to date all the time when traveling in Iceland Apps, Websites and Live-services Get your infos straight from icelandic sources to ensure a safe and prepared travel. Get your info straight from Icelandic sources to ensure a safe and prepared travel. No matter if weather, road services, security apps

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Weather in Iceland

Weather in Iceland can be tough sometimes. You should know some things about rain, wind, and temperature, in order to prepare yourself correctly. Rain Statistics based on the last 30 years show that there is an average number of 12 days with precipitation per month. In other words, if you are staying in Iceland, you will definitely encounter rain in the summer months

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