Reykjanes – Reyk…what?

Reykjanes - never underestimate Iceland The peninsula where you have probably started your journey. There are some awesome spots you should not miss, although these spots were not discovered by too many tourists yet. There is a lot to go for. A lot of smaller things you should see and you can easily reach just by following the well-conditioned roads. Well, mostly. This

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FREE JACUZZI – Reykjadalur Hot Springs!

Take a Bath Under The Night Sky - Reykjadalur Hot Springs Did you ever dream of bathing in a natural hot spring while the sky is full of stars? Do exactly that at the Reykjadalur Hot Springs. There is a river heated up by the geothermal and volcanic energy of the surrounding geothermal springs. There are different "tubs" in this river where you

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Formerly the Highest Waterfall in Iceland - Glymur! I just don't have a clue why but this absolute gem appears not to be visited by a lot of tourists - maybe because you have to hike for an hour until you see it, which is odd in Iceland, where you can see most attractions just by conveniently parking at the Ring Road. However,

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METROPOLIS or Small Town? Reykjavík!

Reykjavík - The Capital of Icelend Alright, nature is what we came for. Endless landscapes, rough sceneries and roaring waterfalls. After 2 weeks of isolation during the off-season in Iceland in October, it feels somehow right to come back to civilization and the idea of drinking a cup of coffee in a cozy café quickly transforms into a deep-rooted wish. The right time

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A Wild Day in the West! Snæfellsnes Peninsula

A Wild Day in the West! Snæfellsness Peninsula. This part of Iceland is a lot of fun since the distances are so small that you can visit the most important places in only one day. And there are some amazing spots waiting to be discovered! Snæfellsnes has some spots that are easy to reach, even from Reykjavik in a one-day trip. The spots

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