Dettifoss – The Waterfall that Almost was Replaced by a Powerplant

When traveling to Dettifoss one thing you will notice is that even the journey to this gem is absolutely stunning, especially, when you are coming from the south. The Ring Road that goes up close to Dettifoss in the East is simply amazing. You will drive through fields of ashes and mountains that look like small volcanoes everywhere. Usually, it’s a bit cold in this area thus there will be a strong contrast between the black ashes and the white snow – Beautiful!

There are multiple possibilities to access Dettifoss. The most common one is driving on the Ring Road (1) and then going on on the 862 which is in a good condition. In front of Dettifoss, you can park in one of the big parking lots. Get out of your car and walk towards the incredible Waterfall! You can see the steam being blown into the air and hear the roaring waterfall long time before actually seeing Dettifoss itself.

Dettifoss Iceland North

When photographing here, definitely bring a wide-angle lens! Its such a big waterfall thus otherwise, you will struggle to get everything into the frame. There are different levels you can get close to the waterfall on, go and try every single perspective, it is so worth it! On the top level, you will always (!) be able to see a rainbow when the sun is shining. Get your impressions in the gallery below! When we arrived there, it’s been a bit dark already. You will have to be at this place some time before sunset. I would say at least an hour since everything is covered in the mountain’s shadows otherwise.

The scenery is amazing due to the remarkable nature. The huge waterfall itself, basalt pillars in the back, green hills and a decent light – try to get all these components into your frame and be rewarded with some amazing images. Amazed? That’s not everything this place has to offer…

Selfoss – Redefine your Idea of Paradise.

Dettifoss was cool, but do not do the mistake of turning around and leaving this place. Go upstream for a while (10-20 minutes) and get to see the amazing Selfoss! You will walk on top of a waterfall – sounds interesting, huh? When approaching Selfoss you will come across a ton of natural pools with a light and milky blue water and some smaller waterfalls that are decorated with green moss. This place looks like an artist has set all this up to recreate the idea of paradise.

Selfoss Waterfall Iceland

Especially in the early morning or before the sun sets the light will make this place look even more mystical. You can walk all the way up until you are right on the edge of Selfoss Waterfall. Can you spot the tiny person in the image above?

When doing photography there, try to get a person into the picture as well. That emphasizes the enormous dimensions of the Icelandic nature sceneries. With a small person situated somewhere in the image, people will get an idea of how huge all of the surroundings are.
Again, try to capture all the different elements. Selfoss, the tiny other waterfalls, the green moss and the natural pools. Oh and the basalt piles of course – and don’t forget the sky! There is a lot to consider for sure, but if you manage to do so, you again will be rewarded with one of these “wow” photographs.  Happy clicking!