Goðafoss – The Horseshoe Waterfall

Goðafoss is loud and powerful, which might be a reason why this waterfall’s name translates into “Waterfall of the Gods“. Goðafoss is a well-known spot thus it sometimes can be a bit touristic and crowded. When directly looking at the Waterfall, you should definitely go along the left side since you will have the possibility there to get to a lower level which is great for a better view and better images as you can see in the gallery below. When visiting Godafoss I have brought a drone which allowed me to take some decent shots with a bird’s view. If you get the possibility – bring a drone! There are big parking lots and it again is located directly beneath the Ring Road number one. There’s not much left to say. Just stand there and enjoy this powerful beauty. It’s a blast!

How to photograph Goðafoss