Fjað… Fjaðrár… Fjaðrárgljúfur! The Green Canyon

Fjaðrárgljúfur, right! Let me assist you – It’s like “Fjathrarglyoufurr” Now that you are an expert in pronouncing this canyon’s name, what else could stop you? One of the best things in Iceland are the great and vivid colors you can find everywhere. At this spot, it will be a saturated green!
First things first. How can you get to this beautiful canyon? It’s one of the rare spots you have to leave the ring road for. However, you will only need to drive for approximately 3 km on a side road which is accessible pretty well. In the end, you will arrive at a small parking lot from where you can start a short walk alongside the edge of a canyon. Due to the heavy rainfalls, the ground becomes muddy and, in order to protect nature, the paths are fenced. In order not to destroy anything and not to slip down the canyon’s walls, you should definitely stay on track since the green moss on the ground needs plenty of years to recover from the destruction.
During the walk, you then and now will be able to have a look down from the edge of this enormous canyon towards the ground where you can spot a river that becomes stronger after rainfalls. There are some viewing platforms that allow you to get some decent views and to do some awesome shots when you have a thing for photography.
Even though I’ve already been astonished by this amazing landscape, this experience was topped by the view we’ve received at the end of the walk at the final viewing platform.

Two tiny creeks, one from each side of the top of the green canyon, flow down the steep sides and clash in the middle creating a beautiful natural blue and shining pool. One creek is blue and bright while the other one is toned in a brown to red color. In combination with that green moss everywhere, it is quite a colorful spectacle to fall for. You will have to go back the same way you came from.

One thing to mention: Try to bring a drone! You will find a shot done with a DJI Mavic Pro in the gallery below. It’s always great to open up new perspectives, but at this spot, your perception of the canyon will be taken to a whole new level when you will see it from above!