Glacier, Ice and wild Seals!

Once again, it happened to me like out of nowhere – I fell in love with Iceland and our trip. And yet there was a lot to come.

Before we went on our tour with ice climbing and hiking on the beautiful Sólheimajökull glacier I never knew how beautiful ice could be and just two days later, we headed to some glacier lakes. Whilst we planned our trip we looked up some images of the so-called “Jökulsárlón” glacier lake. Cool, i thought and expected to get some decent photos there. If you don’t mind, allow me to spoil you at this point. Everything you will see on photos and videos on Google will not be able to represent the atmosphere of a beautiful place like this. I can’t help but Jökulsárlón probably was one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. It’s been one of the places where Joana and I walked around with that smile on our face telling that this is what makes us happy.

Glacier Lagoon Fjallsárlón

Coming from Skaftafell and the epic Svartifoss we simply drove along the ring road again. After a short time, we noticed that next to the roads there have been a few parking spots. We decided to park our car in order to access the first glacier lagoon – Fjallsárlón. While walking towards the lake, which is situated directly beneath the ring road and a huge parking lot, we were stunned by the beautiful reflections of the glacier on the calm lagoon water.
Everything was enlightened in a steel blue and icy atmosphere which was a pretty amazing combination of cold tones and colors. Once you are there, look out for the small ice floes that get carried towards the sea by the calm water streams.

At the moment we wanted to go back to our car, we noticed that it got a bit windy. The reflections were gone and we were happy of catching some of the calm and idyllic moments there. Amazing how little details in weather and environmental conditions can change a whole atmosphere when traveling around in nature. Fjallsárlón was a great place, but Jökulsárlón would top everything.

Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón

After we got back to our camper, we drove for a few minutes and reached some smaller parking lots at Jökulsárlón. These ones are located before arriving at the huge and way more touristic ones. We got out of our car and walked towards the lagoon. The first thing we noticed was that this one was way bigger than Fjallsárlon and the water was more clear. While at Fjallsárlon the water was a bit muddy, at Jökulsárlón the water was deep blue and there were tons of huge ice floes floating on the water. Some were pure white, some had this icy and deep blue. We didn’t know before that ice would actually be this blue, we always thought most photos were just edited way too much. While walking along the lagoon, listen to the powerful sounds of ice breaking off from the glacier and falling into the water. It’s breathtaking and gives you an estimation of how powerful nature is once again.

At this moment everything seemed to be perfect and we couldn’t imagine that things would get even better. Inside of the lagoon, we suddenly spotted some wild seals. Luckily, I am always carrying around tons of equipment while being outdoors and quickly changed to my 70-300mm tele lens. I have been able to quickly get some more or less good shots. Sure, they weren’t perfectly sharp and a bit grainy, but I loved them. These big eyes and a shocking look since they probably have noticed us. They swam around and it appeared as they have played with each other. Some moments they swam away, out of the lagoon and we couldn’t spot them again. It never fails to amaze seeing animals in their natural habitat.

After going back to our camper we drove to the big parking lot, prepared a coffee and drank it with an amazing view.
We then walked around at the beach where small pieces of ice, that were pushed out of the lagoon, are all over the black sand beach. This place was heaven for photography! Contrasts everywhere with white ice on the black sand beach. Suddenly, a first decent but then quite dense fog covered the place while some strong sun rays managed their way through the cloud cover. It felt like we were in heaven. Sounds a bit overstated? Have a look at the gallery below then.

If you have enough time, you should do it as we did and walk along the lagoon for a while. It’s a breathtaking experience, I promise!