Black Sand Beach – Reynisfjara

Have you ever been on a beach where the sand has a deep and pure black? If yes, you probably want to have this experience again and if no – go visit this beach!

Reynisfjara is a beach located in South Iceland next to the picturesque village Vík í Mýrdal. After driving away from the ring road for some minutes, there is a huge parking lot at the entrance to the beach thus can access it really easily. Safety first – The waves at this beach are enormous and unpredictable. It already happened that people were soaked into the wide sea and died because of the so-called “Deadly Sneaker Waves” So always keep an eye on the waves and just go too close to the waves.

When we arrived at this beach it’s been two hours before sunset. The sun was low already and the light was simply amazing – A photographer’s dream, one could say. We walked along the beach since there are some great and sharp rock formations in the water that would make up a pretty nice photo I thought. I tried different settings, e.g. long exposure with some “nd” filters (neutral density) attached to my camera.
When the sand is wet it looks like a really deep black which leads to a great contrast to the blue sky and the white foam of the waves. We just walked along the beach and had a really great afternoon being blessed by the sun.
Right at the entrance to the beach and near to the parking lot you can find the iconic basalt piles. People often do some portraits after they have climbed up the piles thus you will probably need to wait for the right and lonely moment at these walls.

However, we combined this spot with the amazing Skogafoss. You can also combine it with a plane wreck that we could not visit due to time limitations. Just google it, it’s a pretty spot for a decent photo but not much more I guess.