How about Climbing Up a Waterfall?

Yoou are still reading after this headline – looks like you’re in! Let’s talk about Skógafoss, one of the real beauties in Iceland. Even if Skógafoss probably won’t be the first waterfall you will see in Iceland, this is one that will amaze you at the first sight!

Skógafoss is a 60m high and 25(!) m wide waterfall that once again represents the rough and strong Icelandic nature. As most of the sights, Skógafoss is situated directly beneath the ring road which means that it is really easy to access this gem. Great opportunity for campers here: Ever dreamed about waking up to a view onto a beautiful waterfall? Today is your lucky day then! The whole area in front of this water giant is a campsite for both caravans and tents. There are even a power supply and small sanitary facilities. However, we’ve been happy to have our own toilet and shower inside of our camper, if you know what I mean.

The waterfall itself is a really cool one and it always is an outstanding opportunity to get some great photos there. Due to its width, you can get some great shots with a person for scale in the foreground and a huge waterfall in the background, which shows the powerful atmosphere of this landscape very well.

As I do always recommend for barely all spots, you should try to get there as early as possible. The later it gets, the more tourists are around and you probably will agree that a landscape like this appear the most beautiful if you can catch some loneliness and be one with nature.

Don’t do the same mistake as many others do!

You really, really, really want to climb the many steps to the right of Skógafoss! Some people just see the many steps in front of them and turn around without going up there. Don’t do this mistake! This way leads you up the top edge of this majestic waterfall, giving you a perfect bird’s-eye view and some awesome hiking opportunities. On your way up there are, if they aren’t closed due to nature restoration, stops where you can enjoy a really beautiful visual angle on the amazing waterfall scenery. In my opinion, this is the perfect spot to photograph this natural spectacle. Get some impressions in the gallery below!
Arrived at the top of the waterfall, you can either start a hike or just take a short walk. And you should really do that and proceed to go for like half a kilometer. You will walk along a roaring river with lots of several micro waterfalls and come along a tiny island in between the divided river course. On top of that, you will be able to get a beautiful view on some of the mountain peaks of the nearby located Eyjafjallajökull. …Eyjafjallajökull. What a name.

By the way: An old legend says that there is a chest filled with gold in a tiny cave behind the waterfall. It’s not been found yet – maybe you should try your luck.