Svartifoss in Skaftafell National Park

If the dragons of Khaleesi in Game of Thrones could choose their home they would definitely pick  the rougth but beautiful Skaftafell national park.

Approaching the Skaftafell national park, which belongs the Vatnajökull national park, is an event itself. Around Skaftafell you will find kilometers of a plain valley of grey gravel and ashes. These are the footsteps of volcanic eruptions. Sometimes you will spot some huge rocks lying in the middle of this plain valley that got there by being slung away from the eruption.
The entrance to this tour is right at a tourist center and a camping ground where you can spend the night with electricity, showers and sanitary rooms in good condition. The main attraction of this national park is Svartifoss, the amazing waterfall with pillars of basalt in its iconic polygonal shapes.

We’ve done this short hike in October thus the vegetation around the national park was toned in a beautiful and moody orange to yellow – Exactly the colors that express a great autumnal atmosphere when it comes to photography.  During the hike, we came across some smaller but not less beautiful waterfalls. It felt just right to stop every then and now and inhale the moody atmosphere of the national park. At some point, you will be able to spot a huge crater in the far distance that has just the shape one would imagine when it comes to volcanos. Get your impressions in the gallery below.
Soon you will be able to hear and see the beautiful Svartifoss. Go down there and enjoy! There is a modern viewing platform on the ground in front of the waterfall where you are granted a perfect view of this stunning masterpiece of mother nature. The hard shapes of the basalt piles combined with a rough but flowing water lead to a perfect contrast. As you can imagine, this is exactly why photos of this place are that mesmerizing.

After we’ve enjoyed this place and took some great pictures I’ve started my drone to get a different perspective – And it was a good decision to do so. In the gallery below you can see that Svartifoss was formed due to the subsidence of the ground. It looks like the watercourse of this small river was interrupted by cutting the whole scene into two pieces and breaking out one of them. Isn’t this amazing? Today we can see and photograph the world from a whole new perspective due to the use of gadgets like a drone and share these experiences with everyone. I am amazed by nature – every single time – but you might have already noticed that.

You can go back the same way or end the round – it should be approximately the same distance, thus we decided to end the round and explore even more of this beautiful national park. You will get different perspectives on the smaller but fascinating waterfalls you have already seen before. We’ve been lucky and had a beautiful sunset on our way back to the camper – The whole sky was toned in a pastellic magenta.  Back in our camper we cooked some pasta and ended the day with a big smile on our face – weeks of planning once again paid off that day.