Take a Bath Under The Night Sky – Reykjadalur Hot Springs

Did you ever dream of bathing in a natural hot spring while the sky is full of stars? Do exactly that at the Reykjadalur Hot Springs. There is a river heated up by the geothermal and volcanic energy of the surrounding geothermal springs. There are different “tubs” in this river where you can just chill out in as you’d be in a jacuzzi – with the exception of being in nature and part of some amazing landscapes.


You will have to park next to the “Hot River Coffee” as you can see in the map above. Then you have to hike for one hour. Since this location is close to Reykjavík, there sometimes can be a lot of tourists in the high season. Therefore, we decided to get there way later at the day. The hike itself is not bad as well. The path is a bit boring but the landscape definitely isn’t. You will walk through fields of steam coming up from geothermal springs, you will walk along mountains and steep hillsides and through a rough geothermal area. When you arrive, there will be a river with different “tubs”. The lower the tub, the further away it is from the hot spring which leads to a colder water temperature. If walk upstream, there will be hot tubs that are way too hot to bath in. If you walk too much downstream, the water will be too cold. Therefore, choose something in the middle! Now: Wait. Wait until the sun goes down. We had the pleasure to see a purple sky which was super moody and brought in just the right atmosphere. However, it was dark when we went back. Hiking in the dark never is the best idea. Bring a flashlight would be a good idea. Happy bathing!