Reykjanes – never underestimate Iceland

The peninsula where you have probably started your journey. There are some awesome spots you should not miss, although these spots were not discovered by too many tourists yet. There is a lot to go for. A lot of smaller things you should see and you can easily reach just by following the well-conditioned roads. Well, mostly. This is what you can see here:

  • Grænavatn – The Smaragd Lake

  • Engjahver – Micro Hike with Wild Horses

  • Krýsuvík – Geothermal Area

  • Valahnúkamöl – Steep Cliffs

  • [Optional] Gunnuhver – Geothermal Area

  • [Optional] Blue Lagoon

Grænavatn – The Smaragd Lake

Grænavatn itself is really nice to look at due to its green and name-giving color. However, way more interesting is the small micro hike to another small geothermal area called Engjahver. This hike is super cool and only a few people know that it exists. We parked our caravan and started the hike. Fields of green and orange moss everywhere. Nature in Iceland can be so beautiful. We kept walking and suddenly saw an Icelandic horse staring at us from the far distance – majestic! We stayed on track, a hill in front of us. At the moment we climbed that hill enough to get a glimpse on what’s behind we saw like 20 horses staring at us as if we had just entered their living room and crashed the horse themed party. One of them started to walk towards us. We are not scared of horses in general, but you never know and we definitely invaded their territory here. The horse kept going and as it reached us, it pushed its head gently against our shoulders, telling us to pet it. The other horses followed their leader and surrounded us asking for love and some of our attention. A moment I would never forget. After a while of cuddling those beautiful animals, we continued the walk until we reached an enormous hole in the surface with steam coming out of it. Everywhere was this liquid stone material. This happens in geothermal areas when chemical processes liquidate the stone and leave it as a grey to slightly blue liquid. While it looks really beautiful, it smells quite awful. We roamed around this place for a bit and then went back to our caravan continuing today’s tour.

Krýsuvík – Geothermal Area

At this point, you will probably have seen some geothermal areas before. Krýsuvík is a pretty impressive one. There is a huge parking lot where you can start your short walk. Make sure to use hiking shoes in order to climb the mountain in the back since you can get some decent views and instagrammable moments up there. You know the geothermal game by now. The smell is disgusting but the views are worth it a hundred times. Just get your impressions of this spot below.

Gunnuhver & Valahnúkamöl Cliffs

You decide if you actually want to visit Gunnuhver. It is another geothermal area. If you are interested and amazed by these places, Gunnuhver will not fail to serve you. Otherwise, keep driving until you reach the amazing cliffs of Valahnúkamöl. I barely lost my drone there since the sea is rough and the winds are strong at the cliffs. However, it was totally worth the struggle. If you safely can and if you dare to do so, walk up the steep cliff to get the best views! This cliff is shut-off then and now. So do yourself a favor and do not risk anything there. Don’t get too close to the edge because there can and will be sneaky gusts of wind that will literally blow you away. Once you are up there, turn around and look inland. You will see a beautiful lighthouse and the steam of the geothermal area Gunnuhver in the background. That is a super magnificent view – make sure not to miss that. Watch below!

If you might ask yourself – and what about the Blue Lagoon? We didn’t make it there. We didn’t want to pay these high prices for one hour of bathing because we know we would quickly be bored by just floating around :-).