Formerly the Highest Waterfall in Iceland – Glymur!

I just don’t have a clue why but this absolute gem appears not to be visited by a lot of tourists – maybe because you have to hike for an hour until you see it, which is odd in Iceland, where you can see most attractions just by conveniently parking at the Ring Road. However, for all those who like a little bit of an adventure, this hike is the perfect opportunity to get out and explore!

The hike is really fun, but let’s start at the beginning. There is enough space to park your car at the beginning of the hike. You will have to drive on a gravel road before accessing this entrance though. Start the hike and PLEASE be sure to have some good hiking shoes with you! The hike starts with an easy, mostly plain path to follow. Somewhen you will have to climb through a short but dark cave which is fun! Afterwards, there is a passage where you will have to cross a big river (~10m wide) by walking on a tree trunk. Now you need some good body balance. Otherwise, you will slip and fall into the river. Wet shoes and feet for the rest of the hike? Never a good thing, so be cautious. By the way, there is a steel cable that helps you to cross that river. Some hikers fell into the river right in front of us. If you wear great and waterproof hiking boots it doesn’t matter if you are in the water until your ankles for a second.

The hike continues with a bit of easy climbing and walking in this breathtaking scenery. We’ve been there in October thus the colors were mostly orange and dark green. If you have the chance, bring a drone in your backpack. The upcoming canyon that leads to the ~200m high waterfall looks breathtaking from a bird’s perspective. However, be extra cautious at the river crossing if you have a lot of electronic gear with you.

Just follow the path, there are possibilities to refill your water bottles at small streams with fresh water. Once you are  up you will have an amazing view. Go for this hike, I can only recommend!